All organisations, including public and private bodies in the public or private sectors (along with profit and non-profit companies), must practice good IT Governance.  It has become particularly important since the passing of King III in September 2009.

King III explicitly states that:

  • “companies must comply with all applicable laws” principle 6.1(1)
  • “when considering the company’s compliance with applicable laws, the board should ensure that IT related laws, rules, codes and standards are considered” – principle 5.5(33)
  • “Effective IT frameworks … should be implemented with a view to:
    • minimise risk,
    • deliver value,
    • ensure business continuity, and
    • assist the company to manage its IT resources efficiently and cost effectively.“ Principle 5.3

We realise however that there is no such thing as “absolute governance, risk and compliance”.  We therefore to an extent view IT as a risk management activity.

We believe in practising good IT Governance, addressing IT legal risks, complying with IT laws and considering IT rules, codes or standards. We, therefore, assist our clients in determining their responsibilities and then endeavour to meet those responsibilities.  Although we make every effort to stay up to date with new laws and policies we are by no means Legal Experts and have therefore aligned ourselves with professional partners in this field.