Top Level Domain

  • This is the right-most portion of your domain name, where portions are separated by a full stop.  E.g. the TLD in is COM or is ZA
  • Each country has their own TLD (E.g. ZA = South Africa, UK = United Kingdom etc.)
  • There are also special TLD’s not related to a country such as .biz or .travel
  • .ORG is usually used for non-profit organisations
  • .COM is usually used for businesses with an international target market
  • .GOV is reserved for government organisations
  • Some countries use sub-domains under the TLD.  For example, you can’t have but you can have or etc.  This differs from country to country.
  • We can register any TLD for you depending on availability and registrar requirements.  (For example – Countries in the EU require proof of residence).